Exceptional Business Financial Services


Liquid assets are critical to settle short-term financial obligations


Chasing debtors to pay is time consuming


The importance of maintaining positive client relationships

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Effective debt collection requires expert support


Clear pay-terms set the right expectations


The right policies and procedures improve invoice substantiation

Accounting and Bookkeeping

Streamline your business by entrusting finance administrative tasks to our accounting and bookkeeping specialists. Our finance team can simplify the complexities of financial regulations and compliance. Our business finance services include:

  • Forensic analysis to identify revenue leakage and cost overruns
  • Designing and implementing debt management plans
  • Proactive reconciliation to enhance billing accuracy
  • Managing ongoing bank statement reconciliation
  • Short-term secondment options with a financial administration consultant to optimise your financial processes
  • Our Bookkeepers and Payroll Specialists can be an extension of your inhouse team.

Bank Statement Reconciliation

The process of bank statement reconciliation can be very helpful to a business. It not only provides insight into the financial impacts on your business of various expenses, but can also help to ensure you’re well-prepared for tax filings. As part of our bank statement reconciliation service, we analyse your business accounts and compare them with your bank statements to ensure both records match up. If they don’t, we identify why. As part of this, we examine your bookkeeping, fix any errors we find, and scrutinise outgoing payments to ensure no payment errors or fraudulent transactions have occurred.


Tax Preparation and Compliance

The Australian Taxation Office (ATO) actively targets non-compliant small and medium-sized enterprises, which is why it’s vital to get business tax right. Our team of BAS and IAS experts can assist you to navigate your tax concerns and ensure no areas are neglected. Whether it’s GST, Fringe Benefits Tax, Payroll Tax, Income Tax, or other form of tax, we ensure you have the structures in place to meet both your financial requirements and your tax obligations. We also assist with resolving retrospective tax issues.


Business Financial Planning and Analysis

Using benchmarking and other tools we can help you identify useful insights into your business. We help you to consider strategic options – looking at your business in new ways whether it’s a growth or consolidation approach. And then we help you to implement your strategies. Our activities include:

  • Industry benchmarking review of your business
  • Business model review and strategy on a page
  • Strategic risk analysis & change modelling
  • Business plan formulation and direction
  • Strategy implementation

We also review your financial statements, examining the cost of your operations, evaluating your existing risk management practices, and ensuring your bookkeeping and tax processes are in order. We can establish a clear sight of where your cash flow is, and a picture of your business’s overall profitability. With this knowledge, we can forecast where your business looks to be headed, and assist in creating a financial strategy that will see you progress in a more profitable direction.


Debt Management

Enhance your business’s financial well being to minimise the need to write-off debt. Our Debt Management services include:

  • Debt prevention, including establishing clear payment terms with clients, processes to track payments
  • Debt management, including debt recovery
  • Resolution of disputes at any stage of the debt cycle.

Furthermore, if yours is a business in the construction industry, we specialise in optimising your choices under the Security of Payments Act.


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Agnes Reed

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Saraswathy Varatharajullu

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"John is a great person to work with. He identified efficiently and effectively revenue and cost leakage and problems within the structure of our business He provided options and pathways through unique methods to rectify and reposition our company’s trajectory with manageable growth using realistic and organic timelines."
Adriano Acquaro

Auslink Working Solutions

"The Workplace Relations Consultant was able to sort out all the questions I had, and now we have a very clear direction of where we are heading with our HR issues."
Martine Poulain

Interior Fitout Association

"Well done to the team for putting this Employer Guide document together whilst dealing with the mayhem that we are all experiencing at present. Please pass on my sincere thanks on behalf of the industry to the whole team for their efforts, well done and much appreciated."
Jason Allen

Director, SKS Technologies

"Thank you for this information and all your hard work in keeping us informed of the most current Workplace information."
Isabelle Smith

WHS/HR Manager of Prime
Electrical & Data Services Pty Ltd

"Thank you so much for all this information. In such a challenging time, it’s so nice to be able to have your helpful advice so I can make the right decisions for our company and our employees."
Angela Sevoir

Accounts, RANS Electrical

"I had a browse through this platform, what a fabulous tool! The dashboard is very simple to navigate and will be a great platform for businesses that don’t already have a robust HR SharePoint or intranet dashboard internally."
Drew Monkhouse

General Manager, Equans


Frequently asked questions

Have questions? We are here to help.

Accountants can provide valuable advice, assist with minimising tax liabilities, and can collaborate with professionals like lawyers and financial planners where needed. Financial advisors, on the other hand, bring essential skills to areas such as business cash flow, corporate superannuation for employees, insurance, and wealth management, which can help ensure you have a comprehensive approach to financial planning. For these reasons, many business owners who prioritise a secure financial future engage both accountants and financial advisors. The Business Solutions Hub offers the best of both worlds, with access to both accredited accountants and financial advisors.

Yes. We deal with a range of businesses of varying sizes, so no matter how large your business becomes, we can help you to scale up in the areas you need development in.

The Business Solutions Hub is adept at protecting your data at all stages of our analysis. Generally speaking, we work with you, using your systems, to access and analyse your data for the purposes of improving your business. If at any time financial documents require transfer, we have stringent security measures in place to ensure data is not compromised.

For Business Guidance and Support, we offer a fee for service model that includes access to specialist advice from our industry experts, competitive rates for subscribers for business strategy, support services for complex workplace and legal matters, and training programs for both employees and employers.

We also offer a subscription option for access to our Hub. The Hub includes access to a range of useful information, templates and fact sheets that you can use for your business, rather than creating your own. Examples include a comprehensive HR manual with HR processes and policies, editable employment contracts and policy templates.

Click here for more information on our pricing.

Though we provide a range of useful templates that will assist you in effectively running your business, we don’t provide support with finance software and tools. As part of our work with you, we will be able to listen to your needs and potentially point you in the right direction when it comes to accessing the software and tools your business requires.

Yes. Our finance team is experienced in handling debt management, including preventing debt in the first place, managing ongoing debt, and resolving disputes.

We also can assist with managing a restructure, at all stages of the change process. This includes making an accurate financial assessment of your business and identifying why a restructure could help towards being more profitable. We can then assist with the restructure proposal, in addition to being able to help with HR-related requirements as part of the restructure, and more.