Business Growth Workshop Business Growth Workshop

Business Growth Workshop

Planning your business growth, for success

Your business is growing! What once was a small operation of 3 people has expanded to over 20. With that can come some adjustments to ensure your business can keep up.

If you were once on the tools and now find yourself in the office needing to manage staff, liaise with new clients and keep the supply chain going, this workshop is ideal for you. How can you keep your finger on the pulse? What staff do you need? Who will recruit them? Who will manage them ?

There are so many questions. When you only have 8 hours in a day, let us help you find focus.

Training Program

This full-day session looks at a functioning business going through an unprecedented growth spurt and highlights some common ‘growing pains’. How can you stay one step ahead in your planning and operational implementation to ensure success?

Topics include:

  • Planning for growth and identifying business risks
  • Understanding the financials – what you need to keep your eye on
  • Building customer relationships
  • Marketing basics – the importance of building your brand and managing customer expectations.

Attendees will apply the concepts of Workplace Relations and recent industry changes to their own environment and have the confidence to implement policies and procedures to build a strong and productive workplace.

All sessions include an interactive component

9:15 am –
9:30 am
9:30 am –
10:00 am
Introduction and training overview
10:00 am-
11:15 am
Session 1: Strategy and managing risk
– Benchmarking performance
– Competitive advantage
– Resources – people & finances
– Strategic Direction

Managing risk
– Macro – National & State level
– Micro – Business Specific level
11:15 am –
11:30 am
Break and reflection on Session 1
11:30 am-
12:45 pm
Session 2: Understanding your financials
The components of a Profit and Loss statement
– How to calculate Gross Margin
– Preparing the P&L report

The components of a Balance Sheet
– Preparing the P&L report
– Hierarchy of accounts
– The concept of amortisation
– Short-term vs Long-term assets & liabilities

Understanding your cashflow position
– Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivables
– Cashflow reporting
12:45 pm-
1:15 pm
Lunch and reflection on Session 2
1:15 pm –
2:30 pm
Session 3: Building customer relationships/networking
– Networking Essentials
– Online Networking Mastery – the digital handshake
– Crafting your Elevator Pitch
– Navigating Networking Events
2:30 pm –
2:45 pm
Break and reflection on Session 3
2:45 pm –
4:00 pm
Session 4: Marketing basics – getting started
Marketing objectives
– What is marketing
– Setting realistic objectives

Building a marketing plan
– Understand your competitors – direct and indirect
– Who is your target audience – demographics, interests, pain points
– Building customer personas – your ideal customer
– Choosing your communications channels
– What resources do you need to implement your marketing plan?

Brand identity
– Helping you to differentiate yourself from competitors
– Developing your look and messaging, including logo, color scheme,
typography, voice, and tone
4:00 pm –
4:30 pm
Reflection and wrap-up

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The training will benefit Business Owners, General Managers, Office Managers and Administrators experiencing unprecedented growth in their business.

Attendees will apply the fundamental concepts of business management, risk management, financial structure and customer relationship management to their own environment and have the confidence to build a roadmap of the future, that is driven by success.


This facilitated training session is delivered face-to-face at our office in South Melbourne or online.

The program is a combination of theory and practical learning with application directed back to your business scenario.