Small business consulting services that deliver

For businesses striving for success, consulting services can be an invaluable asset that enables your business to operate efficiently and profitably. Whether you need support for a specific project or expert advice on business planning, seeking help from seasoned consultants can revolutionise how you conduct business.

At Business Solutions Hub, our highly skilled and experienced small business consultants excel at helping you resolve business challenges, using tools and resources designed to provide you with the information necessary for strategic business decision-making.


How your small business can benefit from our consulting services

Whether you want strategic advice to launch your small business or to expand your existing business with business planning support, Business Solutions Hub offers a range of solutions that drive growth and improve scalability.

  • Specialist advice
    Advice from seasoned consultants who are experts in their respective fields
  • Training programs
    Training programs meticulously designed to tackle core business issues
  • The Business Solutions Hub
    The latest tools and resources that offer holistic solutions for business challenges

Our solutions

Our small business consulting services can help you with your business management needs with solutions that help you evolve and thrive.

Business planning

Work with business planning specialists who can assist you to develop a strategic business plan and enhance focus within your business.

Mentoring services

Our business management mentoring services help you acquire new business skills and overcome challenges so that you can accomplish your objectives.

Accounting & bookkeeping

Eliminate the stress surrounding meeting your financial regulations and ensuring compliance, by gaining help from experts.

Debt management

Get support at any stage of your debt cycle to optimise your business’s financial health and minimise the need for debt recovery.

Marketing support

Access end-to-end marketing support to enhance your brand and upgrade your marketing strategies to achieve key business objectives.

Tendering services

Remove the hassle of preparing tenders and instead receive expert support to produce tendering applications that are more likely to succeed.

Business Solutions Hub—consulting services for any sized business

Every so often, all businesses—including small ones—need to focus on how they plan to reach the next level of success, and reassess their strategic direction. Having assisted many small businesses to do this, we recognise the importance of making the right decisions at the right time to fully capitalise on business opportunities.

That’s why, at Business Solutions Hub, our consultants help businesses of all sizes realise their full potential and provide unparalleled support to achieve this goal.

Whether your small business requires guidance on resolving employment issues and workplace disputes, or you need to obtain reliable legal advice, our team of consultants is experienced in a variety of disciplines and can assist you to resolve problems and progress towards greater success. We’re committed to helping you access the knowledge, resources, tools, and professional guidance you need to achieve your business goals and secure your company’s future.


We’re here to help you

Our team of experienced business consultants is committed to offering the support every small business needs to grow and scale, regardless of your industry.

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See what our customers say

"John is a great person to work with. He identified efficiently and effectively revenue and cost leakage and problems within the structure of our business He provided options and pathways through unique methods to rectify and reposition our company’s trajectory with manageable growth using realistic and organic timelines."
Adriano Acquaro

Auslink Working Solutions

"The Workplace Relations Consultant was able to sort out all the questions I had, and now we have a very clear direction of where we are heading with our HR issues."
Martine Poulain

Interior Fitout Association

"Well done to the team for putting this Employer Guide document together whilst dealing with the mayhem that we are all experiencing at present. Please pass on my sincere thanks on behalf of the industry to the whole team for their efforts, well done and much appreciated."
Jason Allen

Director, SKS Technologies

"Thank you for this information and all your hard work in keeping us informed of the most current Workplace information."
Isabelle Smith

WHS/HR Manager of Prime
Electrical & Data Services Pty Ltd

"Thank you so much for all this information. In such a challenging time, it’s so nice to be able to have your helpful advice so I can make the right decisions for our company and our employees."
Angela Sevoir

Accounts, RANS Electrical

"I had a browse through this platform, what a fabulous tool! The dashboard is very simple to navigate and will be a great platform for businesses that don’t already have a robust HR SharePoint or intranet dashboard internally."
Drew Monkhouse

General Manager, Equans

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Frequently asked questions

Have questions? We are here to help.

The most important factor to consider is whether or not the consultant you’re considering has expertise and knowledge in your business area or industry (you should always ask them to confirm what experience they have working with businesses like yours). You can also check their track record by reaching out to known clients or by reviewing customer testimonials.

In addition, you’ll want to ensure any business consultants you work with possess exceptional communication skills, and are able to quickly grasp your values and understand your vision. They should be able to suggest concrete strategies for planning your business growth and success, and any solutions or strategies offered should be targeted to your business, rather than being a one-size-fits-all solution.

The optimal time to hire a consultant or invest in a consulting service is when you need to navigate complex issues that require specialised support that you or your team lack. This could occur at any stage of your business journey.

Bringing in a consultant provides a fresh perspective on your challenges that you may not have previously considered, and identifies additional growth opportunities. Remember, you don’t need a large set of problems to seek the help of a consultant. Even a single challenge you’re facing can be a valid reason to seek external guidance.

Yes. Business consultants often need to understand the inner workings of your business to offer holistic solutions that address the root causes of business challenges. This means consultants are required to work with sensitive and proprietary information to provide sound advice, and signing an NDA is an effective way to ensure complete collaboration between all parties, and define how the permitted information can and cannot be used.