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Keep up with the changes to industrial relations changes in 2023. What do employers need to be aware of and how can you prepare your business for further changes to take place during 2023. Joy Meilak and Saras Varatharajullu discuss some of the biggest changes in the employment arena since 2009. Click here to listen to podcast.

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Frequently asked questions

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To have a EA a business needs at least 2 employees, if you don’t have employees then you will need to implement a ‘Greenfields Agreement’.

A Greenfields Agreement is an Enterprise Agreement that is for a new business/project that at the time of lodging an agreement, the business has not employed any employees as yet.

More information on such an agreement can be found here for your reading:

With a Greenfields agreement, a union must be a party to it. Meaning a union will be involved in its bargaining, so that is something you need to consider.

Or you can operate under your Industry Award until you have enough employees to start a new EA (non-union).

No. An apprentice must be paid for all time spent at trade school and this time is included in the apprentice’s ordinary hours of work (e.g. 38 hours). An agreement cannot lawfully be made which removes this obligation.

Payment obligations for School-based apprentices are slightly different and you can read more about this via the following link:

A number of industry Enterprise Agreements, allow employers to adopt a rostered day off (RDO) system.

An RDO is a paid day off for working extra hours that add up to a whole working day. An employee’s ordinary hours may be either a 36- or a 38-hour week, however they work a 40-hour week, with 0.8 or 0.4 hours accrued towards an RDO respectively. Please note that the 36 hour week is usually only applicable to Enterprise Agreements.

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Business Solutions Hub is by your side for all your HR, workplace and legal needs and can provide extended support to your organisation. From a HR perspective, extended support can include reviews of current HR processes, recruitment, tailoring employment contracts or position descriptions, conducting investigations into employee grievances / complaints, managing redundancy process as well as disciplinary actions and representation at Fair Work.

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