Fundamentals of WR Fundamentals of WR

Fundamentals of WR

Building a positive and productive workplace

Australian workplace legislation is designed to provide a safety net of minimum entitlements, enable flexible working arrangements, and provide fairness at work and prevent discrimination against employees.

Complying with workplace legislation, including the Fair Work Act and modern Awards, can be complex and difficult to keep up with, especially when regulations are rapidly changing.

Training Program

This full day session provides an overview of the fundamental concepts regarding workplace relations and how to keep up with regulation changes. Topics include:

  • Pay and conditions including entitlements
  • Health and safety
  • Right of entry
  • Fundamentals of Enterprise Agreements

Each topic will cover best practice policy and procedures to keep your business compliant, help you reduce risk of litigation and provide guidance on how to avoid common mistakes.

All sessions include an interactive component.

9:15am – 9:30amRegistration
9:30am – 10:00amIntroduction and training overview
10:00 – 11:15Session 1: Pay and Conditions
– Drafting employment contracts and avoiding common mistakes (40 ordinary hour week instead of 38, pay secrecy and fixed-term limitations)
– Annualised salary/all-purpose hourly rate arrangements – how do they work?
– Accurately interpreting wage and allowances rates under an Award or Enterprise Agreement
– Practical activities:
a) Review a typical employment contract and identify the errors
b) A practical review of a union pattern Enterprise Agreement (differences to look out for compared to Award)
11:15am – 11:30amBreak and reflection on Session 1
11:30am – 12:45pmSession 2: Health and Safety
  • Policies and procedures – why you should have them and how to develop clear and conscise documents
  • Safe Work Method Statements ( SWMS) – why you should have them and what can go wrong when they are not in place
  • Workplace Manslaughter
  • Practical activity – Reviewing a sample SWMS and identifying mistakes and the potential areas of future liability
12:45pm – 1:15pmLunch and reflection on Session 2
1:15pm – 2:30pmSession 3: Right of Entry Training
  • Identifying the 3 permitted reasons union officials can access a workplace or jobsite.
  • Entry permit requirements and obligations on both union officials and employers.
  • Strategies to manage confrontational entries.
  • Practical activity
    a) Scenarios review and whether entry is permitted (federal permit, state ARREO permit, OHS reasons etc)
    b) Short simulation demonstration
2:30pm – 2:45pmBreak and reflection on Session 3
2:45pm – 4:00pmSession 4: Enterprise Agreement Fundamentals
  • How can an Enterprise Agreement benefit you? Overview, including quick recap of recent changes
  • Overview of set up process, requirements, approximate timeframes etc.
  • Practical activity – What can and can’t be done under an Enterprise Agreement.
4:00pm – 4:30pm Reflection and wrap up

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The training will benefit Business Owners, HR Managers, front-line project staff and mid to high level management who are responsible for managing employees, developing company culture and growth.

Attendees will apply fundamental concepts of Workplace Relations and recent industry changes to their own environment and have the confidence to implement policies and procedures to build a strong and productive workplace.


This facilitated training session is delivered face-to-face at our office in South Melbourne or online.

The program is a combination of theory and practical learning with application directed back to your business scenario.