Support to

manage your employees

  • project-documents-ic Clear workplace policies and procedures
  • save-time-ic Wage and allowance entitlements including Enterprise Agreement interpretation and development
  • stay-compliant-ic Workforce planning
  • project-documents-ic Performance and conduct management
  • save-time-ic Dispute resolution and representation

Tools to help you manage your employees

Policy and procedure templates

Guide to providing performance feedback

Setting SMART performance goals

How to manage underperformance

National Employment Standards

Clarity on employee entitlements

Enterprise agreements

Managing disputes


A suite of templates at your fingertips

The Hub resources have been developed (and are continuously updated) by our team of Specialists, to comply with employment law.

Managing - Providing Feedback
Hiring - Interview Guide
Managing - Onboarding
Why use us to

help manage your employees?

Here’s how we can assist you achieve your HR goals.:

  • Maximise Performance: Optimise employee performance through effective performance management strategies
  • Enhance Engagement: Improve employee engagement and retention through tailored solutions
  • Resolve Conflicts: Expert guidance in handling employee conflicts and maintaining positive employee relations
  • Develop Leadership: Nurture leadership capabilities with development programs and succession planning
  • Streamline HR: Review and enhance HR policies and processes for improved efficiency
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There are several ways to enhance employee engagement and productivity within your organisation, including:

  • Providing clear communication and feedback channels
  • Creating a positive work environment and culture
  • Offering opportunities for growth and development
  • Encouraging collaboration and teamwork
  • Recognising and rewarding employee achievements
  • Providing adequate resources and support for job tasks
  • Ensuring a fair and equitable compensation and benefits package
  • Offering work-life balance options
  • Providing regular training and development opportunities
  • Encouraging employee wellness and healthy habits.

Speak to our team of Specialists to help measure and build your employee engagement and productivity.

Some strategies for managing and resolving conflicts among team members include active listening, focusing on facts rather than opinions, finding common ground, and seeking input from all parties involved. It may also be helpful to establish ground rules for communication and to involve a mediator if necessary.