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Strategic input to start, grow or consolidate your business ranging from business planning, operations, bookkeeping/payroll as well as marketing strategy and implementation.


Business strategy and planning

Accounting, bookkeeping & payroll


Complimentary Business Advisory consult

Business planning

Business planning

Our business planning specialists can help you prepare a comprehensive strategic business plan (no matter how large or small your business is), so you can:

  1. Focus on what needs to be achieved in order to reach your business goals and how you can plan to achieve it
  2. Make better and more informed decisions
  3. Identify potential financial risks and opportunities, and create a financial strategy to capitalise on opportunities and mitigate risks to achieve your business goals
  4. Attract investors by demonstrating a clear understanding of your business aspirations and their potential. It also shows investors that as a business owner you are committed to the success of their venture.

Business management mentoring

We are by your side with business management mentoring, providing guidance, support, and objective feedback to help you overcome challenges, develop new skills, and achieve their business goals.

Having a business management mentor is not only about learning from their experiences but also about building a strong professional relationship where you feel supported, motivated and empowered to grow both personally and professionally.


Accounting and Bookkeeping

Save time and focus on your core competencies, instead of getting bogged down in finance administrative tasks with the support of our Accounting and Bookkeeping Specialists. Our finance team can help reduce the complexity and take the pain out of keeping-up with financial regulations and compliance through:

  • Conducting forensic analysis to uncover revenue leakage and cost overrun
  • Designing and implementing a debt management plan
  • Improving billing accuracy through invoice assurance and proactive reconciliation
  • Managing ongoing bank statement reconciliation
  • Short-term secondment of a financial administration consultant

Debt Management

Optimising your business’ financial health is an important step in reducing the likelihood of pursuing debt recovery. We can help you with debt prevention, debt management and resolving disputes regardless of where you are in the debt cycle.

We also specialise in supporting our clients who work in the construction industry to maximise their options under the Security of Payments Act.

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Marketing support

We offer end-to-end expertise for your marketing program, where we help you take complete ownership of your brand strategy and help you enhance your brand, marketing and communications strategies so your business objectives are fully met.

We specialise in communications, brand, pricing, product development, customer satisfaction index (CSI), research and distribution.


Tendering Service

Our team can provide holistic assistance with tendering applications to give you the best chance to win. Tender responses are often time consuming and require careful review various considerations. Our services include:

  • Assessing whether you require a professional to develop and review your policies
  • Assessing what needs to be submitted for tenders and/or assistance with compliance requirements
  • Review and assess tender contracts by our commercial lawyer.

Our portal for long term support

The Business Solutions Hub includes a range of resources to help you manage your business with confidence and clarity.

Suite of manuals and handbooks

Processes and policies all in one place

Editable employment contracts

On demand and simple to use


Policies, contracts, position descriptions and more


We simplify the process for you


Get the basics right

We are here for you

Our team has experience working within a number of industry sectors and business structures including startups, those in growth or those looking to consolidate for exit.

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Frequently asked questions

Have questions? We are here to help.

Unpaid parental leave is dependent on how long the employee has worked for you and whether their partner is also taking parental leave from their employer.

If the employee has been with you for at least 12 months at the expected date of birth of the baby, they are untitled to take up to 12 months off on unpaid parental leave. If their partner is also taking parental leave, up to 8 weeks can be taken at the same time. This 8 weeks is known as ‘concurrent leave’.

An employee can assess paid parental leave if they pass the primary carer test, work test and income test. The employee can apply to the Department of Human Services (Centrelink) for payments during this time. If they would like, you can also pay their accrued annual leave to cover some of the leave period. Note: sick and carers leave cannot be paid during this time.

There are additional changes to paid parental leave that are coming through a Bill that was passed in March 2023.

These changes will come into effect and apply to employees who have babies on or after 1 July 2023.

Parental Leave Pay and Dad & partner pay will be combined into a single 20-week pool of leave from 1 July 2023. Both parents can decide how they want the leave taken and how they will split it amongst themselves. The leave must be used within 2 years of birth/adoption.

Instead of just a single income threshold, there will now be a household income threshold of $350,000 for households to be able to access this leave.

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Current legislation allows employees such as those dealing with caring responsibilities, disabilities or over 55, to request flexible work arrangements after 12 months of continuous service (excl. casuals).

The following key amendments are to deter refusals and encourage genuine discussions between employer and the employee:

  • Amend procedure to include new requirements for employers to genuinely try to reach agreement.
  • New requirements for employers to provide detailed reasons for refusal plus information on alternative arrangements.
  • New dispute resolution processes, such as mandatory arbitration (including orders from the Fair Work Commission to the employer to grant the request or make other changes to accommodate the employee’s circumstances).
  • Extended application of current civil penalties to breaches.

These changes expand the operation to enable an employee who is experiencing family and domestic violence to also access Flexible Workplace Arrangements.

These changes around Flexible Workplace Arrangement only come into effect on 6 June 2023. This gives businesses time to prepare. In the next few months you should be reviewing your current practices for considering and responding to requests for Flexible Workplace Arrangements and include updating or implementing policies or procedures on Flexible Workplace Arrangements to ensure they align with the new changes.